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1. No-Fuss No-Worry Platinum Service (Fixed Fee)
Our Platinum service is perfect for the crazy-busy, "don't have time for this" person with lots of competing priorities in their life. Trust us to get all of the details of your tastes and goals, and then we take it from there to create a space that expresses your unique style. We will take care of all of the details, from material selection to keeping your contractors on schedule. Avoid the stresses of last-minute decision making, as we will create a complete design plan and then follow it through to the final detail. Separate fixed fees for the following phases; Design Concept, Space Planning, Materials Selection; Turn-key Installation.

Your Fixed Fee for this service allows you to plan your investment up front, and focus on the end result instead of the number of hours it takes to get there.

2. "My Way" Lifestyle Services (Hourly Rate)

You control how much time we spend and what assistance and decisions you need. If you are organized but overwhelmed with the number of decisions to be made; need help coordinating a small project or purchasing decision; need a color consultation or flow plan; then this Lifestyle service may be for you.

Some clients just need help following through with their ideas, finding the perfect pieces, or are interested in doing it themselves but need some confidence to pull it all together. With help to organize your thoughts and selections. We can save you time, costly mistakes, and the frustration of needing a "do-over!"

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