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About the Designer

Interior Design should be fresh, unique, comfortable, approachable, and timeless. And it should function for you and those with whom you share it.

Interior Design is a form of art; and always deeply personal. It is not something we simply gaze upon, but we live it, breath it, and experience it in many forms in our daily lives. We cannot separate it from who we are. To create interiors we must understand what you value, know what you care about, who you care about, and how you live.

Your space should reflect your personality and lifestyle, and speak to your vision. As a designer we are the guide, the collaborator, the expert, the "treasure hunter" and many times the psychologist! And always the interpreter of your dreams.

Interior Design is also a business. It takes creativity, vision, attention to detail, and the complicated coordination of processes, systems and people. We put together a team of experts so that you do not have to be one.

We work with that team, sweat the small stuff, deal with the paperwork.

We measure, research, sketch endlessly, problem-solve, do the legwork, keep timelines, watch budgets, and agonize over the details. We pull it all together so all you have to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy your home at the end of a busy day. We are committed and passionate about getting it right, about making it "You." That's what we do best.

And when it's done if you also enjoy just gazing upon it, that's good too!

About the Designer

Johnna's Education and Certification