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In 1997 we had a house fire that destroyed our home and all of its contents. Over a period of 11 months Johnna succeeded in restoring our home to a thing of beauty, our home was breathtaking. Johnna made that daunting task easy. After 15 years I still love every piece of furniture and every work of art as much as I did then. Over the 15 year period, we have moved into two other homes. Johnna was able to use all of our favorite pieces giving each home a different look. I am forever grateful for my friend who introduced me to Johnna.

Here's the best thing about working with Johnna, you tell her what you like and she can take those ideas and create a pulled together look for your home that reflects your personality, and do it in a sophisticated, modern way. The other thing I like about Johnna is that she pulls together the most amazing finishing touches. They look like a million dollars, but she does it all within our tight budget! Johnna has an innate sense of color and design, you tell her how you want a room to function and she will put it together in a way you never could have thought of.

Johnna has transformed my home into a masterpiece of style and warmth. She has a unique ability to visualize and architect a "complete" room. I love when she thinks "outside the box" and takes risks. I have never regretted those decisions ... in fact, I look forward to it! As a decorator and person, Johnna is honest, understanding and willing to go the extra mile. I am proud to say when friends and family come to my home, they immediately compliment me on how amazing it looks.

The excitement and energy to produce amazing solutions to challenging situations is a driving force within her. She has an amazing ability to see beyond the expected; she captures the very spirit of the project. Her ability to look deep into the souls of her clients and discover amazing new ways of expressing new unseen visions of themselves makes her a master of her craft.

We have had the pleasure and great fortune to have Johnna as our interior designer for over 15 years, and two homes. She has a marvelous eye for design, she is very patient, detail oriented and extremely knowledgeable and confident in her design abilities. She is hard-working, creative, stylish; a first in class designer. Johnna is a true professional and we would highly recommend her to anyone who is seeking design and decorating assistance.